kitchen wall ideas to decorate the heart of your home

kitchen wall ideas to decorate the heart of your home

1. Curate a display of plates

white tiled kitchen with an array of plates on the wall

(Image credit: Future PLC / Fiona Walker)

Follow interiors blogger Lisa Dawson(opens in new tab)'s lead with a colourful display of plates collected over the years being transformed into kitchen wall decor ideas. 

This is a budget-friendly way to put your stamp on the space and create something totally unique. Plus, even just a few look striking, meaning they work perfectly in small kitchen ideas. Pick up plates of different shapes and sizes in charity shops or on your travels for daily reminders of holidays to sunnier climes.

2. Bring the outside in with botanics

botanical print wallpaper in green kitchen

(Image credit: Brand McKenzie)

A bold patterned wallpaper makes a big statement in small kitchens, while also adding a sense of depth. Worried about the practicalities of papering your kitchen wall ideas? 

'You don’t need to use wallpaper specifically designed to resist moisture in your kitchen,' says Kerry McKenzie at wallpaper retailer Brand McKenzie(opens in new tab). 'Regular wallpaper will work – just avoid using it behind the hob unless you intend to mount a layer of plexiglass over your wallpaper to protect it from food splashes. 

'Kitchen wallpaper ideas won’t last forever,' Kerry adds. 'Be prepared to redecorate roughly every five to six years – exactly how long the paper will last depends on whether it has a varnish coating and how good your kitchen ventilation is.'

3. Don't forget something vintage

white tiled kitchen with open shelving and exposed bulbs

(Image credit: Future PLC / Simon Whitmore)

Source some second-hand artwork at flea markets and car boot sales – or online – to soften the look of your modern kitchen ideas. A landscape painting in a gold frame will make your kitchen feel less 'kitcheny' and more like any other room, creating a more inviting and homely impression. As well as being stylish and unique, this is a great example of budget kitchen ideas, as you're bound to pick up some bargains.

Sarah and Sally Wilkie, Founders of Home Barn(opens in new tab) say vintage or antique pieces are a great way to add character, be it a print, photograph, or even just the frame. 'This will bring characterful charm into your kitchen, as each piece will have its own history or story before hanging on your wall,' they say.

4. Get creative with tiles

pink herringbone tiles in a dark kitchen

(Image credit: Original Style)

Use mismatched tiles as a way to add colour and pattern, arranging them to make a visually interesting feature. Arranging tiles in a herringbone pattern will also add a pop of interest as kitchen splashback ideas, or simply for decor. 

'Any brick tile can be ‘herringboned’ but it works especially well with ‘kit-kat’ style brick tiles that are long and thin,' says Hannah Guilbert from Original Style(opens in new tab). 'This is also a great way to introduce colour into a scheme while including some texture and interest.'

5. Add a metallic element

brass splash back in home bar area

As an alternative to tiles, you could use metal sheeting to bring a metallic element into your kitchen – adding copper or brass will add warmth, while steel lends itself to a more modern and industrial look. 'Fitting metal sheeting to different spaces can be a fantastic way to rejuvenate your kitchen on a budget by making a statement above your kitchen sink ideas, stove or even in a home bar area,' says Leigh Start, operations director at The Metal Store(opens in new tab).

'This is a much cheaper alternative to fitting tiles as you will save costs on installation, tile adhesive and grout. Plus, metal sheeting is incredibly low maintenance and easy to wipe down without the added hassle of keeping grout clean,' Leigh adds. You can attach a piece of metal cut to size with adhesive or a drill and screw fittings.

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