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Interactive Cat Feather Toy

Interactive Cat Feather Toy

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Name: Acrylic color matching pompon cat teaser stick

Material: Contrast pompon feather

Color: gray/yellow/blue/pink

Weight: 12g

Size: about 30.5cm long


1. Made of high-quality color-blocking pompon feather material, it is non-toxic, tasteless, fashionable and environmentally friendly.

2. The bright color and fashionable design make it a beautiful pet product and make your pet play more happily.

3. The quality of high-quality color-blocking pommel feather is more excellent, simple, delicate, durable, and can be used repeatedly.

4. The shape of feathers is very popular, very fashionable and beautiful. This is a good gift for cat relatives, family, friends and colleagues.

Package Included:

1 * Hair ball string

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