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V-Line Face Slimming Bandage

V-Line Face Slimming Bandage

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Size: (CM)

Chin to top of head cir head circumference neck circumference

S: 50-59CM 45-53CM 30CM

M: 60-65CM 54-58CM 32CM

L: 66-70CM 59-64CM 35CM

XL: 70-75CM 65-70CM 37CM


1*Adopt strong magic paste to fix; can be used when sleeping, doing housework, firm but not tight

2*Fine workmanship; Soft elastic fiber fabric, thickness only 0.2MM; special process treatment; Balanced pressure; Tear resistance; Smooth seams

3*Does not damage the skin; Not easily deformed; Thin and light

Breathable; Lasting elasticity.

Wearing method:

Unfold the mask, with the long side on top, the short side on the bottom, and the logo on your left and facing outwards

Wrap the mask around the chin, stick the magic paste on the top of the head, align the ears and expose them to the outside of the mask

Stick the magic paste on the back of the neck

Stick the magic paste on the back of the head

Finish wearing:

Note: The three straps are stretched and pasted to the top of the head, the back of the neck and the back of the head to achieve the purpose of tightening the epidermis.

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